A New Friend (Hopefully)

Well, I’ve been pretty darn busy the last few days with working and whatnot, but the biggest thing to share with you all would be that I got another kitty!

Mr. Flash has been a naughty kitty over the last few weeks and I think it’s because he is lonely while I am at work…so I decided to find him a friend.

IMG_7394On Monday, I went to the Humane Society just to look for a new kitty friend and I fell in love! There were like 80 different cats running around, but she stood out the most to me. Pretty, sweet and quiet.

IMG_7395I was nervous about picking her because I had no idea if she and Flash would actually get along. We are all still trying to work it out now, but I think it’s getting better. When I brought her home in the car, she was such a good girl and didn’t even cry! But, when I brought her into my apartment…it was on!

IMG_7396They didn’t want to kill each other, but there was some nasty kitty growling and hissing going on. Flash wanted to play immediately and she wasn’t having it lol. I’ve been letting her chill in the bathroom mostly, but I have let her run around the apartment some.

IMG_7420Flash and her still have some kitty issues to work on, but I’m hopeful that in a week or two, they will be friends.

OH, and I think I have decided that her name will be Cleopatra…Cleo for short 🙂

And now on another note, check out my favorite snacks on the planet!

IMG_7402There are different flavors available, but I’m obsessed with the Wasabi Ranch! I paired them up with a whole wheat turkey sandwich and it was heaven on earth 😉

IMG_7399So, that’s what’s going on this week in my life! I will report back later with a kitty cat update and hopefully some more healthy dinners!



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