Back in the Game

So, it has been a while…

A longggg while.

I’m not sure why today out of any day I decided to check back in, but here I am. Plus, it is actually the two year anniversary of the day that I started this blog.

So many things have changed since I last posted and I feel like it might take too long to go into detail…so I will just let you in on what’s happening now in my life!

Still trying to workout.

IMG_7351Although I have been lacking some motivation because my hip flexors and IT Band have been pretty painful over the last few months. Hot yoga, stretching every day and taking a break from lifting weights over the last month have definitely helped release some of the tension.

Plus, this month I am attending Airman Leadership School and will be graduating this Thursday.

IMG_7053Airman Leadership School is another reason I haven’t been weightlifting. All we do in that class is run! I’m looking forward to graduating because I can start my new work out regimen. I decided to sign up for an off-base gym membership since the on-base gym didn’t have everything I was looking for and I am excited to start on a new fitness journey 🙂

Also, I still am having an awesome time with my kitten, Mr. Flash!

IMG_7348I’ve been trying to train him on the leash and he actually seems to like going outside now!

This week, I decided that I really need to cook at home since I have been going out to eat WAY too much lately. I just got home from Whole Foods and hope I will stick with my healthy eating plan…

IMG_7356Well, time to clean up my apartment and do some laundry. Gotta love a lazy Sunday 🙂



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