Cooking with Kitty

Well I got a new little partner in crime.

Meet Flash the Cat.

IMG_6622He’s 4 months old and the biggest sweetheart you have ever met. He loves to be held, play fetch and be on top of my laptop at all times.

And he may be one of the most spoiled kitties ever…

IMG_6632But that’s okay, right?

So, I know this blog is about healthy living, but you had be ready for a bombardment of cat photos from here on out to go along with it!


IMG_6640And then he helped me in the kitchen while I was making  cookies for the base’s annual cookie drive…

IMG_6642And by help I mean, got underneath my feet the whole time and tried to go in every cabinet that I opened. At least the cookies got made, even if they were the world’s most ghetto cookies that ever came out of a box.

IMG_6649It was a good time 😛

Well, me and Flash are going to keep chilling in my bed until it’s time to workout.

IMG_6655Talk to you guys later,

Kaily & Flash


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