New Fitness Adventures

In my last post I wrote about a new hair creme, and in this one I figured I would write about some other new stuff I’ve tried out this week 🙂

On Tuesday night, I went to my first EVER hot yoga class. One of the girls in my office raves about the classes they offer at the Cloud 9 Studio here so I figured I would join her. Of course I went to the FUNdamentals because I’m a total beginner at yoga, and I think I fell in love! It was hot as heck in the room and I don’t think I’ve ever sweated as much in my life, but this may have started a new obsession…

Here’s me post yoga 🙂

IMG_6452It was freezing outside after the class which is why I have the sweater on. I’m planning on going back tomorrow night.

I even went and bought my own little yoga mat 🙂

IMG_6464It was just a cheap one to start with. If I keep loving the classes I may upgrade to a nicer one.

And then yesterday I hit a fitness goal I’ve been working on forever…. I did two pull ups in a row! They were underhand which isn’t as impressive as doing them overhand but I couldn’t believe I actually did it!

IMG_6458I’m too short to jump up to the bars so I have to use a box to reach them lol.

And while I’m mentioning jumping, today was my physical therapy session for my knee. It was definitely not the most pleasant experience I’ve had… This was mostly because of the evil thing called a foam roller. Dear god! I guess that my IT Bands and hip flexors are extremely tight so I had to use the foam roller in all of these crazy positions and it was pretty uncomfortable. I also got the kinesio tape put on my knee for the day to see if that helped.

IMG_6460I’m hoping that all of this stuff (including stretching at yoga) will help my knee pain go away. I decided I’m going to take it pretty light on the weight lifting for the next few weeks and see how I feel. I’m going to try to focus more on the yoga and just do one day of upper body weights and then lower body calisthenics.

So, that’s what I have to share for now! Hopefully the next time I write there will be news of me moving to a place with a kitchen… I guess we will see what happens. Have a great rest of your week,



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