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Happy Veterans Day!

IMG_5750It is an honor serving for this country and appreciate all the thanks that have come my way today. (Including a free dinner at Golden Corral!)

IMG_6449And I want to add on a thank you to all of the other service members that are currently serving and the ones that have given their time or lives in the past.

But I really don’t want to harp on the military too much today and figure that I will move on the review of the hair mask that I got at Lush last week.


It is a henna based cream which is meant to help control crazy, unruly curly hair such as mine. I have been in dire need of a haircut for the last month but I have no idea where to go for a decent one in ABQ. This means that I will most likely be waiting until the end of the month to get my hair done when I go home for Thanksgiving.

I got the cream to try to help fix the end of my hair because this is what it looked like before…

IMG_6376The picture doesn’t really of it justice, but my ends are very dry and split. So, I put the mask on all over my hair and put it up in a clip for 20 minutes. When it was done setting, I hopped in the shower and gave my hair a good washing like I usually do.

Here is what my hair looked like during…

IMG_6381And after…

IMG_6404The overall look and feel of my hair was much softer and extremely glossy. I hadn’t put any product in my hair yet and so the fact that the curls were so nice (and not insane) was actually pretty sweet! My hair definitely took on the smell of the henna, which was different, but not bad.

I will definitely be trying this product again later this week 🙂

On another side note, please explain to me why Starbucks has Christmas cups already???

IMG_6411And then lastly…check out my beautiful flowers!


IMG_6423Alright, now I am done with this post and the wide variety of topics I have covered 😉

Hope you all had a great holiday,



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