Halloween Festivities!

Well, it’s Monday and back to night shift I go…

I’m hoping this week goes by quickly and isn’t too painful. We have an exercise and I have to work all this next weekend.

But anyways, let’s make this a happier post 🙂

So this past weekend was filled with costumes and going out. So basically it was epic lol.

Friday night I went to the gay club (Effex) here in ABQ. I wanted to dress up but not do anything to crazy since I knew it was going to be cold and I would be dancing the entire evening. So what better option for my costume than a cat?

IMG_6293I just did some cute make-up and made ears out of my hair! I thought it turned out adorable lol.

And here is me and my date for the evening before we went out 🙂

IMG_6299We literally danced the whole night and it was SO fun.

Then, on Saturday night I went to a house party. I did my more complicated costume for that . I was a sugar skull (day of the dead) girl.

IMG_6308I thought it turned out pretty cool looking. But my face make-up was totally a pain in the ass haha!

IMG_6320But, overall the night was a blast. So those were my Halloween costumes for the weekend. I’m still deciding if I am going to dress up for actual Halloween, so we will see…

Now it’s time to get ready for work! Adios amigos,


P.S. This is a Marvelous in My Monday post!


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