Balloon Fiesta Weekend

Well, this past weekend was the ABQ Balloon Fiesta!

Since it’s my first year here, I figured that I had to go check out all of the hot air balloons. My mom even came to hang out with me and my dad 🙂

ry=400We had to show up at like 4:45 AM on Saturday to make sure that we would get parking and a ride to Balloon Fiesta Park. It  was the most freezing morning (like 40 degrees) I have felt in a long time. I was not prepared for the cold at all!

Here are the rest of the awesome pics that my dad snapped. (My hands were way too cold to be taking tons of pics on my iPhone!)





ry=400And this is the one measly pic I actually took with my phone. It was right before I got on the bus to head home.

IMG_6266Once the bus dropped us off at our cars, my dad was goofing off and my mom had to take a pic lol.

1393902_10153362063450637_1759466006_nSo there you go! My first Ballon Fiesta experience. It was freezing, but incredibly beautiful to watch the balloons inflate and then take off.

Let’s just say that my fear of heights will keep me on the ground and out of a hot air balloon 😉

Hope you guys are all having an awesome week!



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