A New Look

So you know when you get stuck in a habit of something and you can’t get out of it?

Well, I’ve been using the same make-up for almost the past three years. I was running out of my foundation and decided I should break out and try some new stuff!

I decided to pamper myself with a girl’s day including a pedicure and a new face full of make-up 🙂

IMG_6187I know my sister loves MAC and I figured I would give it a shot. I ended up choosing the Pro-Longwear Foundation since I work 12 hour shifts and need something that will actually stay on my face.

IMG_6255This stuff matches my super pale skin perfectly! Plus, it isn’t too heavy to where my skin gets greasy and looks fake. And I get to use a cool foundation brush which I’ve never done before.

I also bought some generic translucent powder and this bright pink blush.

IMG_6197I haven’t used a bright color like this in a very long time and forgot how pretty that pink actually can be on super white skin (lol).

And lastly, I bought some poppin’ lipgloss!

IMG_6199Lovin’ it 😉

I also treated myself to some delicious sushi for dinner to round out my girl’s day!


A small California Roll and a Mango Lobster Roll. The second one is seriously one of the most interesting flavor combinations I’ve had for sushi (sweet, salty, crunchy, and a hint of ginger).

So, that was my day off. I will have to model my new make-up look for you all soon! Hope you guys had an awesome humpday…we’re almost to the weekend!



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