A Few of My (Newest) Favorite Things

So during the past week of my hiatus from the blog, I have come across some amazing and delicious things that I thought I should share with you!!

We will start with last weekend and the world’s most gigantic calzone EVER.

IMG_6143It was stuffed with all kinds of goodies: ham, peppers, tomatoes, onions, and cheese! I had to cut it in half because there was NO way I could eat this whole thing in one sitting.

And here was my other naughty treat (once again I’m going to blame my dad for this one!)…

IMG_6146Dessert nachos. Dear god. Topped with cheesecake bites, ice cream, and chocolate and carmel syrup.

And that will end the treat portion of my post!

Onto the healthy lunch that I got at Sweet Tomatoes!

IMG_6154I’m pretty sure this is my new favorite healthy restaurant in ABQ 🙂 It is a buffet style place that has a MASSIVE salad bar!

IMG_6149It seriously never ends. And they also have soups, potatoes, breads and pasta. So healthy…I love it 🙂

I am also excited about the fact that it is now my favorite month of the year…October. I embraced the new month with the changing of the cat calendar.

IMG_6159You know you love it lol.

I also took in the fall spirit and started working on my Halloween costume! I’m going to be a day of the dead girl. Super excited 😉

IMG_6164The make up will be the star of my costume, but my dress is pretty amazing too.

I also picked up some fall footwear.

IMG_6162Totally rocked them today with a dress and some tights. Adorable!

And my last favorite thing that I have come across this week is a present from my dad. A mini Bose bluetooth speaker. It sounds so clear and the projection is awesome considering that it is pretty small. IMG_6160So, thanks Dad! Love you.

Well, that’s all I got. I’m working nightshifts this weekend, but next weekend is going to be incredible. It is the ABQ Balloon Fiesta and my mom is coming into town to hang out with me and my dad 🙂 I cannot wait!

Hope you guys have a more exciting weekend than I do,



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