Random Wrap Up #4

So I have failed you all by skimping on the posts this week. Sorry!

But, hey! I’m back and have an awesome random wrap up post for you 🙂

Starting off with the beginning of last week….

One of my newest loves…the Skinny Vanillla Latte!

IMG_6065I have only gotten this a few times in the past, but recently iced coffee hasn’t been cutting it for me. The Pumpkin Spice Latte that’s available right now is tempting, but I must stay away!!

And here’s one of my workout outfits of the week.

IMG_6077Leg Day 🙂

The 1,000 mile marker for my new car.


I can’t believe I’ve already driven my pride and joy so far. (lol)

Some Panera love.


I got the Thai chicken salad and vegetable pesto soup. So derlicious!

Now for the bulk of my pics…my day trip to Santa Fe  I took with my dad on Saturday.

IMG_6083A weird ass donut decoration outside of a store in the plaza.

The Loretta Church.

IMG_6085The miraculous, floating staircase inside of the church.

IMG_6088Some Santa Fe cats ❤


IMG_6104I bought the little orange one for my room. I cannot resist the kittehs!

And here’s some epic New Mexican food.



Blue corn tortilla enchilada with Christmas (a.k.a. red and green chile sauce). Posole and beans topped them off to perfection. I definitely like the red chile sauce better here. It was SO spicy and tasty 🙂

Then, this morning I worked off those enchiladas at the gym.

IMG_6109So, that is pretty much my week all summed up! It’s back to night shift for this girl starting Monday. Hopefully more posts will follow during this week!

Night guys,



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