From Dusk to Dawn

Double rainbow cross the sky!!

IMG_6009Okay, well the picture doesn’t show the second rainbow all that great, but I swear it was there!

This is what I walked out to last night after dinner. I ate at an awesome little deli (Jason’s Deli to be exact!) and the food was SUPER fresh and healthy 🙂

They had an array of sandwiches, salads and soups. It was similar to Panera, but less processed. They even had a massive salad bar which I plan on ordering next time I go…But last night, I got the Turkey-O sandwich!

IMG_6007I loved that they made my sandwich on whole wheat bread that was toasted without butter or anything added. It was just fresh organic turkey, tomato, avocado, lettuce and pepperjack cheese. They even had the choice of regular or baked chips!

Lovin’ it! Def going back!

This morning at 0630, I snapped this pretty pic outside of my office.

IMG_6010ABQ seriously has some beautiful views. The desert may be brown most of the time, but dusk and dawn really bring out the colors of the sky.

Unfortunately my office has no windows in it to enjoy the sky…

However, I got off early today so I did get to see some desert sun! I used my extra free time to squeeze in a run and get my first pedicure here. I knew it would be hard to top any of the extreme pedicures I had in Okinawa, but I was still pretty darn happy with my toes today!

IMG_6015I grabbed dinner on the way home at Ghengis Grill. It is a Mongolian BBQ with tons of vegetables, cage-free meat choices, sauces and even brown rice bowls. (There is even an option to not have your food cooked in oil! Everything is steamed!)

IMG_6012Now, I know that I have been eating out quite a bit during the past few weeks, but it is just such a challenge to eat out of a microwave all of the time. I cannot wait to move out of the dorms and into an apartment with a REAL kitchen! The recipes and true health food will return then. I’m counting down the days…

Well, I’m going to watch some Kitchen Nightmares. Have a great rest of your humpday!



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