Labor Day & Legs

Happy Labor Day!

I hope you guys had an awesome Labor Day, because I know that I did 🙂

I started the morning off hanging out with this guy…

IMG_5983A.k.a. the squat rack! It was all good though, because I was rocking my favorite pink Lululemon shorts and brand new kicks!

IMG_5985My leg workout was pretty killer and I was tired (but feeling great) by the end of it. While I was working out, I started to think about the seasons changing and that I needed to get an updated wardrobe for the fall/winter. (Including regular fashion and fitness fashion)

So after I got all cleaned up, I headed out to grab some food and some fashion 😉

I had the Veggie Spud at McAlister’s Deli for lunch. It was a monster of a potato….nearly a foot in length!

IMG_5992I did not even come close to finishing it. I chopped it in half and took the rest to go for lunch tmw.

I also ended up grabbing an iced tea to go for my shopping excursion 🙂

IMG_5990And off I went to the Coronado Mall! My first purchase of the day were some Wunder Unders from Lululemon. I’ve been dying for a pair for about a year so I finally just sucked it up and spent the $82. Totally worth it!

I also got a cool purple high-low t-shirt to go with them (plus boots) for non-workout days 🙂

IMG_6001It gets freezing here and let’s face it, leggings are always a good choice in the winter!

Now for another mirror pic…the sequin tribal skirt that I got at Express!

IMG_5995I saw a super expensive version of this skirt on Pinterest and have been dying to find a cheaper one! Well, today was my lucky day because Express was having a 40% off Labor Day sale. WIN.

The only thing that I didn’t buy, but totally wanted was this cat make-up bag at Forever 21…

IMG_5996And I finished my Labor Day off with a margarita and some grilled chicken with mango salsa!

IMG_6005So that’s all folks! I’ll be back to write some more soon,



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