New Kicks

Well, I am back at work as of Monday. (Such a drag)

Working 7am-7pm can seriously kick your butt! Especially if you try to do a workout right after it. Sometimes I think I’m a crazy person for how much I work…and workout.

On the bright side, I did purchase some new running shoes on Sunday 🙂

They were kind of crazy looking for me, but I figured I would give them a shot. They are Asics and made for pronating feet (a.k.a. feet that rotate from the outside to the inside while running). It is usually a pain to find decent looking pronation shoes, so I was pretty darn excited that these guys fit.

IMG_5930I tried them out today for the first time at the track outside of the gym.


I also wanted to share a new ABQ favorite…Dion’s 🙂

IMG_5935It’s a pizza and sandwich place. And as you may remember, I have a soft spot in my heart for sandwiches. The veggie sandwich here is TO DIE FOR. It is fully loaded with mushrooms, tomatoes, lettuce, green bell peppers, olives, green chile and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese all toasted up on a whole wheat bun. It even comes with a side of fruit and a dill pickle!

IMG_5939So, these are my newest favorite things from this week. Well I’m gonna start relaxing before I have to go back to sleep and then back to work again in the morning. Hope you guys are having a great Weds 😉



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