Made it!

Well I made it back to ABQ.

My AF trip to Okinawa was definitely more business than pleasure so I am kind of glad to be back here. Since the trip was mostly AF stuff, I only was able to take a few pictures.

(They are mostly food pics)









On the way back to ABQ, I had a long layover at LAX and actually left the airport to go home and eat lunch with my mom and dad. We just went to Quizno’s, but it was still nice to be at home….even if it was only for like an hour!


I got a turkey sandwich as usual. My favorite meal of all time!

So, now that I’m back at home with regular internet access, my posting will hopefully get back to normal. I have a pretty busy work schedule this week though and my shifts here are 7am-7pm. So we will see…

Hope you all enjoy what’s left of your weekend!



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