Leaving On a Jet Plane

Just as I am finally getting settled into my new home, the big and bad AF decides to send me back to Oki for some official business. And it was on SUPER short notice.

I’m actually sitting in LAX right now waiting for my flight to Tokyo.

And here is the $12 breakfast burrito I just ate…

IMG_5896Definitely not worth the $12!

And it was totally fatty, but whatevs. Traveling doesn’t usually give people access to the healthiest foods…especially on an overseas flight. The food they serves is totally terrible for you, but it does actually taste pretty dang good lol.

Because I knew that my eating habits wouldn’t be too great today, I pampered myself with a trip to the gym and lunch at one of my favorite ABQ restaurants yesterday.

Right when I woke up (promptly at noon), I hopped out of bed and hustled to get myself to the gym!

IMG_5881I decided to do legs because I feel like I have been slacking in the squat department. Plus, I was finally well rested from all of the sleep I got and it seemed like the prime time to work out my lower limbs. This whole week has been very draining and I haven’t slept well enough to really go hard at the gym.

But to prove that I really worked out, I even took a creeper picture of myself warming up on the treadmill 😉

IMG_5889It is very rare that I actually take any pics of myself at the gym, but there weren’t really any people around so I decided to go for it!

After I got showered up, I headed out to the Flying Star Cafe. It is a bakery along with a cafe that serves all kinds of fresh foods.; they have tons of salads and sandwiches. I decided to go with the Californian (a grilled veggie sandwich) and some fresh fruit on the side.

IMG_5891The bread was whole grain, but it tasted like garlic bread! So good! I always love a good veggie sandwich, especially the ones that come with avocado and grilled mushrooms 🙂

When I was walking back to my car, I noticed a really cool mural painted on the shop next to the cafe.

IMG_5895Definitely reppin’ the ABQ Native American heritage!

I am actually going to miss ABQ while I am gone this week. I’m just hoping to have a decent time traveling and that I will get everything done in Oki that I need to.

Well, I think I am going to find a corner to curl up in and take a nap until my flight time gets a little closer.

I’ll write as soon as I can,



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