A Happy Humpday

Today was a pretty good day 🙂

In both the food and work categories.

It started off right with some of my favorite Kashi!

IMG_0553Then, it was off to the newcomer’s briefing for the base. It was a very dull morning. Basically I had to sit through 5 hours of briefings from different agencies on base. I was just trying to stay awake!

After I finished learning all about the base and ABQ, I took off to grab some lunch before heading to my actual job.

I have been having an INTENSE craving for Panera, so I just figured I would take myself there. I got the half Thai Chopped Chicken Salad and half Tomato Basil Soup. I didn’t even realize that the nice lady at the register gave me a cookie for being in uniform until I got home!

IMG_5870It was chocolate chip…my favorite…so of course I had to eat it!

I ended up only eating my salad (& cookie) for lunch and then saved my soup for dinner.

Work was pretty crazy when I got there and so the afternoon flew by. The gym was the next order of business and I knocked it out quickly with some cardio/shoulders/abs.

I microwaved a Gordon’s Fisherman filet to go with the leftover soup for my post workout dinner.

IMG_5873Oh, and did I mention the other treat that I picked up for myself today??

The Blue Moon Seasonal Sampler 😉

IMG_5874I’m definitely breaking into this bad boy tonight! Sometimes a girl needs a derlicious beer…and cookie…all in the same day 🙂

But hey, at least I hit the gym!!

So that was my not super exciting, but super yummy day. Hope you guys had a great humpday!



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