Don’t Worry, Be Happy

I’ve had a kind of a rough past few days. Very emotional. Not fun.

So, I am trying to think of all the things that make me happy…here we go!

My sparkly cowgirl outfit that I wore on Friday

IMG_5862The happy dancing flower that sits on the dashboard of my brand new car

IMG_5864(He is solar powered!)

All of my cat wardrobe. But mainly the space cat dress 😉

IMG_5421The Chally pic on the background of my phone

IMG_5681The fact that I live within a reasonable distance from Trader Joe’s AND Whole Foods!

IMG_5835And last but not least on the list, is that I had dinner with some really awesome family friends that were traveling through ABQ. We went to a great New Mexican restaurant that I will definitely be headed back to again. (Ganduros was the name of the place in case you were wondering!)

1094941_10200439991984308_1059871280_nI’ve known the couple on the left since 7th grade! (Garry and Gerry) And then I met Aunt Trish, who they were actually here to visit tonight. It was a pretty fun time and totally helped get me in a better mood. I’m definitely looking forward to going to dinner with them again tomorrow night also!

Hope you guys are having happiness all around,



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