Settling In

So my room is finally starting to look like my own little paradise instead of a barren, white-walled wasteland.



IMG_5853(You love it)

IMG_5855The only unfortunate part of my room is the kitchen…

IMG_5857Or lack there of…

My cooking options have dwindled down to microwavable food. I have been trying to be extremely creative with what I have been eating so that I am still making healthy choices, but not only eating frozen meals.

For breakfast yesterday, I had an egg and guacamole burrito on a whole wheat wrap.

IMG_5847Not too bad, right??

Snack time consisted of the world’s best combo ever: PB & bananas!

IMG_5849I also ate dinner at home and created a wonderfully delectable and healthy microwave meal! I ate a Johnsonville chicken/apple sausage on a whole wheat slice of bread with a little BBQ sauce & steamed brussel sprouts on the side.

IMG_5851The brussel sprouts were a perfect option! Trader Joe’s sells fresh veggies in a steaming packet with a little salt/pepper/EVOO which makes a healthy girl happy! They only took a few minutes to make and there were enough in the package for me to have leftovers the next day at lunch 🙂


So, over the next few months it will be a microwave and eating out adventure for this girl. After that, it will be into a real apartment with more than just a microwave 😉

I’m off to get cow-girled up for an evening of two-stepping! Have a great Friday night,



One thought on “Settling In

  1. The breakfast burrito looks yummy. I just saw the new almond butter container at TJ’s last night. It looks smaller. Feel free to stop by :^)

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