Holy cow, this week has been busy! I must have forgotten how stressful that moving can be, because I feel like everything is a mess. I seriously have been running around trying to organize my life while also having SOME fun.

So remember how last Friday night it looked like rain was on the way?

Well, it poured! For at least an hour :/

Not the best weather for my first night out on the town, but it was still a good time. I hit up a brewery called Marble and a bar in Nob Hill called Two Fools Tavern. They were both pretty fun, but I was especially excited about the Tavern because they had all of my favorite European beers!

IMG_5825I dressed up like I normally do when I go out and looked way more classy than everyone else lol. Apparently people in ABQ go out in shorts and flip flops. NOT COOL!

Either way, it was still a great time 🙂

On Saturday, I hung out with some cool people that I met in the dorms. They were going shooting out in the middle of the desert. Yes, shooting. So I decided to tag along and see what people in the desert do for fun in their off time.



IMG_5841Don’t I look badass? (Lol)

Well, after all of the gun activities, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. It was my first time and I loved it! The food was great (I got the Naked Tenders w/ Honey BBQ sauce and a salad w/ balsamic vinaigrette) and so was the atmosphere.


I also have been working out here, too. ABQ has a very high elevation and everyone told me that it would affect me, but I wasn’t sure…It definitely does. Even when I am weightlifting only it makes me get tired much quicker than usual. I also feel like I can’t lift as much. I am hoping after a few weeks my body will be acclimatized to the area and I will be back on track!

IMG_5826Don’t mind my cripple knee brace (lol).

The only other exciting thing that I have done here was eat at a delicious restaurant/brewery called Kelly’s! OMG the turkey burger I got there was superb! It even had the green chile on it, which I actually liked this time 🙂

IMG_5843It was also one of those days when a girl just needs her sweet potato fries and a beer!

So that should pretty much catch you up to everything that’s been going on. Today I am having my stuff delivered to me and then I get to unpack everything….ugh.

Thanks for hanging in there while I continue to organize my life (and stuff)! Be back as soon as I can!



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