10, 858

Well, great news here is ABQ!! I just found out that I made Staff Sergeant!

(This is a huge deal in the military if you didn’t know)

Basically, I am will be moving up into a supervisory role and will become a leader in the Command Post!

I won’t get to wear my stripes until next August most likely, but I am still happy that I made it. I even went to a SSgt promotion party today…look at the stuff I got 🙂



IMG_5819Now I will just have to wait for the 10,857 people to put on SSgt before it is my turn. (lol)

As for an ABQ update, there really hasn’t been much going on for me except getting acquainted to my new workplace. It seems pretty welcoming and I love our new mission. Super cool.

There have definitely been quite a few rainy days here in the desert so far…and I’m pretty sure it is about to start storming soon. The pic doesn’t do the sky justice here.


The rain better not ruin my first Friday night here! I think I might be going out to a bar downtown. I am pretty stoked, not gonna lie!

Well, I just wanna to make a quick stop by the blog before I hit the town 😉

Have a great Friday!



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