Adios L.A.

Well, it’s my last time blogging at home before my Albuquerque adventure begins. I have had such an amazing time here and am sad that I have to leave once again. At least part of me is pretty dang excited to get to NM! (The other part is freaking out and totally nervous)

So basically this will be my last post from LA. My flight leaves in 3 hours.

These are the last few pics I have to share.

My Mexican food love (a.k.a. Fiesta Tacos)

IMG_5754Food Truck night!


IMG_5764This was the filipino fusion truck and I got the shredded pork tocino and my mom got the soy version of it. Pretty dang good if you ask me!

IMG_5767Sleepy Chally 😉

IMG_5747Brewery hopping with Eric. This was probably one of my favorite things I did while in L.A.






IMG_5783My trip here definitely ended on a great note! I’m having extremely mixed emotions, but I know that I will be back soon. It’s much easier to travel from Albuquerque than Okinawa!

But now it’s time for me to finish up packing and prepare myself for the adventures ahead. I will be sure to post something new and desert-y once I am in NM and  a little more settled.

I wish everyone an amazing weekend filled with fun. See you on the flip side,



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