Random Wrap Up #3

So, since a bunch of stuff has happened all within the past 2 days, I thought the “Random Wrap Up” post needed to return yet again.

First up, lunch w/ mammers at one of my fav restaurants…The Cheesecake Factory! I got the chicken and mushroom lettuce wraps. Very teriyaki!

IMG_5671There may have also been some more shopping…

IMG_5672I ❤ the Lululemon sale rack! These adorable running shorts were calling my name. I’ve worn them twice to workout (once to weight lift and once to run) and they were amazingly comfortable!

Here is just one of the post workout snacks that I ate 🙂

IMG_5676My mom’s corn growing in the backyard.

IMG_5682My night out in Hollywood w/ Eric. I rocked a vintage look and even wore my Grammy’s necklace from the 1970’s to the club. Holler!


IMG_5699Always gotta have some Chally love.

IMG_5681And some Pinkberry greek yogurt.


Last but not least, here’s my lunch w/ mom at The Veggie Grill. It is all vegan and all junk food (ish). I ordered the Thai Chik’n Salad, my mom got the Fried Chik’n Plate and we shared the Buffalo Wings.




The wings were by far the star of the meal. This restaurant’s meat substitute was excellent and the texture was very close to the real deal. The breading made the wings though, it was so crunchy and set off the light spiciness in the sauce. Even the vegan ranch dressing was pretty darn tasty 🙂

I am currently off to go hang out with my sister and Noodle (her dog). Finish up your weekend with some amazing stories!



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