Cheese or Cheeze?

There was more delicious vegan cheeze sauce included in my lunch yesterday…and it was even better than the night before! My mom and I roasted some veggies (and by some I mean a TON) and created sandwiches for our lunch yesterday.

IMG_5597Then we boiled some sweet corn to go with the sandwiches and finished off the meal with the world’s best side dish EVER. It was like we made the vegan version of Outback’s Aussie fries, but WAY healthier! Plus, it looked gorgeous, too!

IMG_5604Is your mouth watering? It should be.

If you want to recreate this beauty, you will find the cheeze sauce recipe here!

Just roast the potatoes in quarters, make your cheeze sauce & throw some on, then last but not least, crisp your facon in the skillet & crumble on top! So easy and so tasty 🙂

Even Chally wanted some!

IMG_5610And to continue on the theme of cheese for this post, let’s discus dinner. The restaurant is called The Melt and they are apparently the experts in grilled cheese. My best friend, Eric, and I went there for dinner last night to celebrate our long-awaited reunion!

I got the mushroom grilled cheese w/ a cup of tomato basil soup.

IMG_5613The soup was creamy and had a slight basil flavor that wasn’t too overwhelming, but the grilled cheese was actually a little disappointing. It wasn’t as gooey and luxurious as I was hoping it would be, so I only ate half and gave the rest to Eric…

Oh, and did I mention our super cheesy shirts we were rocking?

993893_10153077006765604_1641165437_nWe ended up going to a dubstep show on Sunset Blvd and decided cats would be the theme of the night. It was hilarious and awesome at the same time.

945732_10153077007610604_81053781_nHopefully you enjoyed this random post! I’m off to chow down on some lunch 🙂



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