Fruits & Veggies

So since my mom is a vegan, she eats lots of fruits and vegetables. That is a given…just look at our grocery cart from this week.

IMG_5528We have been trying to eat super clean this week to make up for some fried deliciousness that was eaten in Florida. Check out our Asian Tofu “Cobb” Salad!

IMG_5541Super colorful & filled with tons of nutrients all served up on a bed of baby kale. I topped mine off with a little bit of Asian sesame dressing! YUM.

I have also been snacking on cantaloupe and watermelon in between meals to keep me full & happy.

IMG_5547Breakfast for me has been Alternative Blueberry Bagels w/ the Laughing Cow Cream Cheese Spread. (Sorry Mom you can’t have any cuz you’re vegan!)

IMG_5566And dinner the night before last was my mom’s version of “Cheezy” nachos. All vegan. Even the cheeze sauce, which was actually pretty tasty.

IMG_5552We got some tostadas at Whole Foods and then my mom created her cheeze sauce (a head of cauliflower, some spices, nutritional yeast & miso all blended up). We topped the nachos with black beans, shredded lettuce, salsa and homemade guac! Muy delicioso!

Now I just have to share my lunch with you from yesterday because I have been dreaming about it for the past 6 months…Chipotle 🙂

IMG_5568And trust me, it was every bit as delicious as I was hoping it would be! This place is seriously my one true love. It sends my tastebuds to tastebud heaven.

Last night’s dinner, however, was another vegan creation. Do you remember all of the giant zucchinis that my mom grew?

Well, last night we each ate our own in the form of zucchini parmesan. I had some vegetarian chicken nuggets and a little whole wheat pasta on the side.

IMG_5590MM MM MM. If you haven’t tried the Gardein chicken tenders, you must do so immediately! They are so moist and flavorful. They make for the perfect chicken substitute, especially in salads!

And now as I wrap this post up, I will share some Chally pics. It was bath time for him yesterday and he wasn’t too happy about that…



IMG_5561Aright friends, that’s all for today. Have an awesomely amazing day!



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