Too Much Traffic

I could have flown back across America in the amount of time that I sat in traffic today. Kill me…

I had a haircut appointment at my sister’s salon (Salon Pop) in Long Beach today, unfortunately every highway in the Los Angeles area had car accidents and lanes closed all day.

But before I left for my appointment, I did a 1.5 mile run and followed it up with a berry smoothie. I also snapped some pics of the squash my mom grew in her garden.

IMG_5516Check out this gigantic one!

IMG_5510My mother definitely has a green thumb 🙂

After picture time, we began the first leg of our traffic filled journey. 2 hours later we arrived at the delicious cafe up the street from my sister’s salon and grabbed a veggie panini w/ artichoke heart pesto and a side salad.

IMG_5519I want to eat this sandwich all day, every day. I ❤ sandwiches.

One my sandwich was scarfed down, I totes got my hair did. It turned out superb!!! Thanks Margeaux @ Salon Pop!

IMG_5527And once again, my mother and I made our way back into the nightmare of LA traffic. At rush hour. We were starving after driving for 3 hours, so pulled into the nearby mall and got some Waba Grill.

IMG_5524It is a pretty awesome and healthy option when you are looking for something quick. Veggies, grilled chicken and brown rice splashed with a touch of teriyaki. (Plus no MSG, no oil, and all fresh!)

It was a quick zip home on the freeway after dinner. Thank goodness. And now, it is relaxation time with mom and Chally. Adios!



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