Farewells & Hellos

K, so sorry for epically failing at posting pretty much all of last week…

It has been a little hectic trying to out process and then travel from Okinawa all the way to Florida. But the exciting part is that I made it back all safe and sound to ‘Murica!!

So let me back it up to before I even left Oki and share some pics with you 🙂

Last day of work!

IMG_5757My going away present.

IMG_5764Can you say BBQ?


Manicure!! This was super exciting for me because I never can paint my nails unless I’m on leave…unfortunately I have terrible luck when I paint my nails and jacked up mu pointer finger nail  the second I got in my car. I rushed to the BX to pick up  a bottle of matching nail polish to save the day!


My last meal. (& Mai Tai)



IMG_5772(Sorry for the weird lighting on all of these pics, the sun was going down while the food was coming out lol)

And now onto the 31 hour (yes, you heard me 31 hour) trip that brought be back to the states. I snapped just a few pics along the way to share, so enjoy!







And there you go! I finally made it to Florida! Plus my whole family was waiting to greet me at the airport 🙂


Let’s just say being exhausted is an understatement. I am off to get some (hopefully) amazing sleep, so nite!



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