It’s the Final Countdown!!

Eek! Only 5 days left in Okinawa!

I feel like it was just yesterday that I arrived here. Time flies when you pretty much live at the beach…

IMG_5739And are always busy eating delicious food 🙂

IMG_5731But alas, it is time for this girl to pick up and move yet again. I have been excited for moving back to the states for a while now, but now that it’s so close I’m starting to get a little sentimental. There have been some amazing people introduced into my life and a lot of growing up has been done here…that stuff will be hard to let go. I’m just hoping that Albuquerque will be even more kick ass than the past 2 years here. (And I may be hoping for a few cute boys there, too!)

Right now, I’m just trying to focus on taking leave in Florida and California before I get to New Mexico. I just created a list of all the things that I would like to do while on leave. So here you go:

1. Go to Forever 21

2. Go to Disney World/Land

3. Spend time with the fam


4. Get my hair done

5. Go to Trader Joes & Whole Foods

6. Hike Runyon Canyon


7. Get a breakfast burrito from Norm’s

8. Go dancing in Hollywood


9. Eat at the Vegan Plate 

10. Go to Venice Beach

11. Take a voice lesson

12. Go to Target

13. Go “fratting” with my sister at her college

14. Drink a Blue Moon (and try as many kinds of “new to me” beer!)

15. Let Chally sleep in my bed


16. See a movie in a real movie theater

17. Eat a delicious vegan meal prepared by mom

18. Reunite with my high school friends

I think that list pretty much covers everything that is doable. There are a few other things that I would love to do (a.k.a. go to Vegas) while I’m at home, but we will see…

So that is what I have for today! I have to finish out processing and then hit the gym. Have a great Monday!!


(MIMM 2)



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