Better Late Than Never!

So I know that I’m a few days off with this Father’s Day post, but I had to give shout out to my dad. (He IS the main reason that I am in the Air Force after all!)

223168_10150580540185637_1963973_nHe has inspired the path that my life has gone down and I am so thankful. He spent 23 years of his life serving our country in the Marines and I respect that even more now that I have been in the Air Force.

222034_10150580539850637_2089646_nHe has been here every step of the way for me, whether it was taking me to a voice lesson or coming to visit me in Okinawa. I appreciate all of that.

548034_10151970073315604_1177886209_nAnd I can’t wait to get to Florida to see him in like 3 weeks! It is going to be a wild family reunion for his parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. (Let’s face it, the Collins family loves to party)

So..happy (belated) Father’s Day! I love you  and thanks for always being here for me.



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