All Around Okinawa

So, my lack of posting has been due to the fact that I haven’t been at home long enough to write anything. The past few days have been filled with tons of adventures on Okinawa. Just a heads up…this post is crazy long! So, enjoy 🙂

First up, the crazy tepanyaki steak house that I went to called Jam. It had a Hawaiian inside and was super fancy. They even tied bibs on us before we started eating so we wouldn’t spill anything on ourselves. (lol)

IMG_5517The nice thing about this restaurant was that they served TONS of vegetables (which I always love) and the food was very fresh. The atmosphere was really different and cool. The bathrooms even had fish tanks next to the toilets!

IMG_5521It was ridiculous…but I love it 😉

Next up was to the Ryuku Glass Factory which sells handmade blown glass dishes, cups, vases, wall hangings, etc. They even make a lot of the glass at the factory.

Before we even made it into the store, this happened…

IMG_5528Good times.

There was so much stuff for sale that I had no idea what to buy.



IMG_5532I ended up buying one the weird orange and yellow vases that kind of looks like fire on the edge on the middle shelf. Love it!

On the way back to base, we stopped and got some soba. I got the one with extra veggies 🙂

IMG_5542Then came time for work. At least it was only an 8 hour shift….

I got off at 6 AM and forced myself to wake up by 12 to get going on more Okinawa adventures. We stopped at Mister Donut for breakfast. Not my best choice, but it sure was delicious!

IMG_5545We started heading towards Peace Prayer Park and ended up pulling over to take a picture with these super creepy statues.

IMG_5550I’m pretty sure I was talking during this pic, but whatever. lol.

When we finally made it to Peace Prayer Park (after a really long drive), we wandered around the grounds until we made it to the actual museum. I didn’t take any pics inside the museum, because it was very serious inside and I didn’t think it would be quite appropriate. It basically showed the Okinawans struggles through WWII and was fairly graphic. None the less, the rest of the park was beautiful and absolutely GIANT.





IMG_5574The heat was nearly unbearable and I can say that the humidity is finally in full swing here in Okinawa. Luckily, the sun started to go down on the way back to base because we found a Flightline Fair that was being held on one of the Marine Bases. We stopped in just for a little while in order to look at the airplanes and get some fair food. YUM.


IMG_5579World’s Most Fatty/AMAZING Corndog Ever!!

So that pretty much wraps up everything that I have been up to. I really want to make sure that I do everything on Okinawa before I leave in 3 weeks. I can’t even believe that I will be leaving so soon. It is insane! I think that Albuquerque will be a complete 180 from what I am used to here, but I really hope that I love it there too.

Well, I’m off to figure out what today will bring,



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