Weekend Recap

Let’s kick off this post with some straight gorgi breakfast 😉


Derlicious. Just saying.

Now, onto where I was yesterday afternoon….the beach. I wanted to go snorkeling but the water was way too choppy for me to go out. I decided to take some pics of the ocean while I was waiting for my b.f. to finish snorkeling. (He wasn’t too scared to get in the water)





IMG_5473And finally, onto today….

The morning started off great with an amazing pedicure. I am so sad that I only will be getting one more pedicure there before I leave 😦

IMG_5491I loved the cute little sailor designs. So adorable.

So, I’m not sure if I mentioned on here that my car took a turn for the worst and it finally decided to give up on me. The engine has been heating up when I drive it for long periods of time and today I must have pushed it too far. On the way back to base, the car started jerking around and making a strange noise…so I pulled  off at the nearest Starbucks and tried to hunt down a ride. While I was waiting, I got a snack and an Awake tea.

IMG_5487I was definitely a little annoyed at the situation, but what can you do? I will have to go back and grab my car at some point tonight or tomorrow.

For now, I am off to the commissary to stock up on food for my next few night shifts.



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