Weekend Chow

Here are just a few of my food escapades from the weekend 🙂

Breakfast time!

IMG_5368I have finally mastered the art of over easy eggs! It has taken me at least a few months to figure out how to make them without cooking them all the way through or breaking the yolk. So excited…but anyways…

A delicious veggie panini + side salad w/ Japanese dressing + clam chowder.

IMG_5355Some brownies that tasted great, but looked awful. Whoops!

IMG_5359Margarita time in a martini glass 😉

IMG_5364Mmmm frappuccino protein shake!

IMG_5280Some homemade Thai red curry soup. It was interesting and I’m not sure would make it again, but figured I would share the pic because it was something that I don’t regularly eat.

IMG_5387So, that pretty much wraps up my weekend in food. Hope all of you guys had an awesome few days off and are ready to hit the ground running on Monday morning 🙂




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