Lots to Share

Ehrmagerd! I’ve been away for WAY too long.

Especially considering that quite a few important events happened during this week…

I wore those beautiful blue earrings from my last post along with an amazing dress out to dinner and dancing 🙂

IMG_5323I ate the most flavorful and peanut-y pad thai on the Earth. (I seriously don’t understand how there was a time that I did not like Thai food!)

IMG_5327I got some Spring Rolls, too.

IMG_5329I worked out. Standard.

IMG_5331And not to make excuses *cough cough* but the main reason I didn’t post for the majority of the week is because I was studying for my Staff Sergeant test. There is at least 600 pages worth of information to study. Hopefully I did well, but who knows. I should find out in August…but until then you can enjoy the goofy pic I took right before I went in to test 😛

IMG_5339I also got to watch Facebook as my newsfeed filled up with friends that are graduating college this week…

19641_220630756460_3049508_nIt is somewhat amazing to me how quickly 4 years can fly by. A part of me is truly happy that they worked hard and graduated college, but part of me is somewhat jealous of everything they got to do and how free they were. Originally, I attended San Diego State University for Music Education (vocal arts), but I just didn’t feel like it was right for me. This was one of the main reasons that I joined the Air Force. Now, looking back, a part of me is sad that I let my college life go because I was free to do whatever I wanted and be whoever I felt like.

But, on the other hand, the Air Force has offered me opportunities that I know my friends will never experience. Who gets to say that their job paid them to live in Japan for 2 years? Who gets to have completely free college education, while everyone else will be paying off their loans for years to come? Who has years of professional job experience and knowledge and maturity? Who knows what it is to be part of something bigger than themselves?

I do.

So, to all of my friends out there…congrats! And welcome to the real world. It’s no joke being a grown up, but I know each of you will conquer the world if you put your mind to it!

The other major happening this week was Mother’s Day 🙂

(a.k.a. Mammer’s Day in our house)

403501_4229357418295_1020183592_nI love my mom more than nearly anything in the world and wish that I could have been there to celebrate. I can honestly thank my mother for helping me find who I am today and encouraging me to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. And trust me, she practices what she preaches 😉

She is a vegan after all. And does cross fit. And is a pretty hot mama.

35891_10200125602568916_953847031_nI wish I could be with my whole family now, but I know that we will soon be reunited in July! That will be an amazing time…

Well, I know this post went in quite a few random directions, but this was a very hectic week. I’m off to enjoy some Tuna Helper and a nice thunderstorm 😉



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