Random Panda

I’m not sure why I went with this title…

I suppose it has to do with the random group of photos I’m about to share with you all! Most of them are workout pics (pre and post), but there are a few others that were sneaky and made it in 😉

IMG_5145Epic cat shirt that my mommy sent me! Totally rocked this to the beach!

IMG_5162Standard coffee run for work…and the pastry is definitely not for me. However, the giant iced tea is 🙂

IMG_5184Legs day & workout pic #1

IMG_5187Here is a giant pile of apples for you, courtesy of the commissary. They were absolutely perfect!

IMG_5181Um, hello peacock pedicure! I am in love with it. For realz.

IMG_5193MMM Sunrise Surprise protein shake. (rasberries, orange juice & protein powder)

IMG_5174Made a simple enchilada pie and it actually turned out pretty freaking good.

IMG_5202And today was a run day. That totally rhymed BTW. I did 2.5 miles worth of intervals and it totally kicked my butt in a good way.

So, there you go. Hopefully you enjoyed this random post, even though there were no actual pandas 😦

Maybe next time!

I am off to get a good night’s sleep before yet another 12 hour shift tomorrow. On the bright side, Monday has come and gone. At least it was a pretty freaking marvelous one! Nite.



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