Mission Accomplished

Welp, I made it to the gym and got sushi for dinner. I would say that constitutes for a pretty freaking awesome day 🙂

But let’s back track to the morning….

I hit the gym for a 30 minute  high intensity interval run which didn’t kick my butt nearly as bad as my 1 mile run the day before.

IMG_5123Hopefully that is a sign that my congestion is clearing out! Although I think running indoors probably helped too.

After I got back to my place, I snacked on a Kashi granola bar…

IMG_5125I totally opened it upside down. (whoops!)

Lunch was a version of the Cheater Pad Thai from the Happy Herbivore cookbook that I made a few weeks ago. It seriously has the best sauce ever. Peanut butter & soy sauce definitely belong together ❤

IMG_5129I threw in some mushrooms, onions and edemame for some veggie love & used some awesome soba noodles. This lunch is definitely my go-to meal when I don’t have a ton of time or motivation to make something crazy. You can add pretty much whatever vegetables or meat you want and it will still turn out beautifully.

I was extremely lazy after my late lunch and took a nap. I had some crazy dreams…not idea what they were about, but I remember they were intense.

After I managed to get myself out of bed, I got ready and headed out with some friends to Kami Sushi.

IMG_5133As usual, I got the California Roll. It is very suiting as I am from California. So don’t hate 😛

I’m hoping that Sunday is just as awesome as Saturday has been. I’m praying for sunshine so it can be a beach day!!!

Be back soon 🙂



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