A Great Start

So I was pretty lazy and didn’t wake up until lunchtime yesterday… I was busy learning how to grill the night before!

IMG_5097Impressive, right??

I was manning the grill pretty much by myself as my partner left me to go play beer pong…such a meanie 😉

We had chicken and pork chops; the chicken turned out perfectly! I was very proud of myself.

But back to what I ate when I woke up. Taco Bell. Maybe not my best choice, but I needed a break from Subway lol. I got the Chicken Fresco Burrito which isn’t too terrible for you. (Yeah right)

IMG_5078And don’t forget to top it off with TONS of hot sauce!

This was actually a pretty tiny lunch for me, so when I got home I dug around in my freezer and found one these hiding in the back…

IMG_5081For the win! Frozen blueberry greek yogurt. This stuff is soooo good for when I have a major sweet tooth.

After digesting my lunch/kind of breakfast, it was gym time. I feel like I have been skimping on the gym recently and am trying to gain some motivation. I decided to make it a weights day and trained chest & shoulders.

IMG_5090Post-workout, I grabbed a Kashi granola bar and started deciding what to make for dinner.

IMG_5082Eventually I decided that I was feeling super lazy and went with the whole wheat spaghetti & marinara sauce combo. (Plus a little cheese to top it off)

IMG_5096It is nearly impossible to go wrong with a combo like that 🙂

I think that this was a pretty decent way to start my three day weekend. I hope everybody else is gonna have a great weekend, too! Peace,


P.S. I am extremely glad that there is at least some resolution now to the Boston Bombings. It is so tragic that someone would be so selfish to ruin and event and hurt people that are just trying to improve themselves and inspire others. And thanks to all of the law enforcement personnel that put themselves in harm’s way to bring down the suspects. You guys are the ones who make a difference in the world and keep us safe 🙂



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