2 years and 2 months

Exactly two years ago, as of today, I graduated Basic Military Training and truly began my Air Force career. There have been tons of us and downs, but I am extremely grateful for this life changing journey.

I feel that the military has provided me with an outlet to shine. There are so many accomplishments that I can look back on and be extremely proud of…starting with the fact that I graduated BMT.

bmtThis was the most proud and exciting day of my life! Plus, my whole family came down to see me!

bmt 3

bmt 2Then, of all of the bases in America that I had dreamt about going to….I got told the Air Force was sending me to Japan.  This was pretty exciting, but also completely nerve-wracking. But, I packed up my stuff and began my adventure.

bmt 4Along the way, I have made a pretty awesome Command Post family…

bmt 5And won some incredible awards!

bmt 6I even got some super hot military outfits to wear 😉

bmt 7One of my favorite achievements in the AF was when I went from Airman First Class Collins to Senior Airman Collins.

bmt 8Now, I am waiting for the next move in my military career…PCSing to Albuquerque, New Mexico. I am pretty excited about it because I have heard there is some INCREDIBLE food there. (holler back chile)

I also enjoyed the fact that I found out I won Airman of the Quarter for the Wing Staff Agencies on the two year anniversary of my graduation from BMT! It just reminds me of how much I have grown professionally and personally.

From the new kid on the block that is graduating BMT, still scared to death of the Air Force and growing up to a confident, healthy and kick-ass Airman!

IMG_4983So, that is my post for today. Hopefully you all enjoyed and didn’t get too bored. I’m off to go grab some dinner…




One thought on “2 years and 2 months

  1. KERRLLYYY I iz soo proud of you!!! you are beautiful and wonderful and although some of us thought we thought you were a little nuttzo, but this was obviously the best plan for you EVER. You are so amazing and I can’t wait to see you again in person and stuff you with cookies or something 😉

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