Good News, {Great} Food

Let’s start off with some good news…

I got a 97.1 on my PT Test which means that I don’t have to take another one for a year. Holler!

I did 50 push-ups (in 1 min), 53 sit-ups (in 1 min) and a 1.5 mile run in 12:22. Not too shabby. 

IMG_4983This was me in my super cute (not) PT gear after I finished my test. I was very happy with the fact that I passed it with flying colors…unfortunately my run did not go as well as I was hoping. I will definitely have to practice a little more before next year’s test. And hopefully the wind won’t be as ridiculous.

Some other good news is that I started an Instagram account for Active Duty Foodie! Search for activedutyfoodie and follow me if you like!

Next up on the post, I’m going to share some of the delicious meals that I have eaten over the past few days. (Most of the are breakfast foods, of course!)

IMG_0792English muffin + egg + spinach + sriracha

IMG_0778Egg & cheese burrito

IMG_0788Horrible attempt at making an over-easy egg + left over roasted asparagus

IMG_4950Amazing stir-fry lunch set


IMG_4987Newest favorite smoothie from the gym: Sweet Sensation (low fat yogurt, strawberry, banana and raspberry)

This is actually the same flavor smoothie I was holding in the first picture, too 🙂

I also thought of some more GREAT news to share with you while writing this post. I hadn’t mentioned it on the blog yet, but I received an award for being Pacific Air Forces Command Post Airman of the Year!! SO EXCITED!

I also found out that I will be testing for Staff Sergeant on May 14, so I’m going to have to start studying my a** off…

Welp, I’m off to figure out the dinner situation. Hope everybody has a good rest of your weekend!!

Kaily ❤


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