My Favorite Lunch

Erhmagerd!! I went to my absolute favorite restaurant yesterday for lunch…

IMG_4900Jiji Cafe 🙂

This place is to die for. Personally, I believe they have some of the best food in Okinawa! It is sort of tucked away and I’m pretty sure most people have never even heard of it.

The atmosphere is very earthy and natural…

IMG_4894Even the bathroom is gorgeous 😉

IMG_4899And the food is AMAZING!!! I almost always get the “white fish” set and trust me when I say that it tastes even better than it looks. Check it out….




IMG_4892Told you.

I definitely feel that this lunch was worthy of an entire  post. Don’t you??

Well, hopefully all of you are enjoying your Easter as mine is already over here in Japan. Nothing too eventful happened. I suppose that’s how all holidays should be…

I am pretty stoked that I have the next two days off though. I am going to try to get back in the swing of posting more often as March was kind of a strange and stressful month. Hopefully April will bring happier times for this girl. And on that note….

Goodnight friends,



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