Feeling It

So this post will share all of the randomness that I am totally feeling this week!

Got a pedicure this week.

IMG_4839Cocok’s Nail Salon is probably going to the be the thing I miss the most about Okinawa. They can put any design on your toes imaginable. I swear!

Check out my pedi I got this time 🙂

IMG_4840I’m i love with it! (P.S. Sorry for all the people who hate feet lol)

Another thing I’m loving right now is this chocolate pudding dessert I made for my best friend. It was his mom’s recipe and it is to die for. It has a crust layer w/ shortbread and walnuts, the second layer is cream cheese & cool whip, the next layer is chocolate pudding and it is topped off with more cool whip.

IMG_4845It is the perfect amount of sweet and salty/soft and crunchy!

Now, for my favorite purchase of the week…a cat car freshener 😉

IMG_4850Anything with cats on it, I absolutely adore! So this was definitely a great buy!

And here are two of the songs that I am feeling right now…

The last song is definitely my favorite song to play at the end of my workout when I am feeling tired and ready to be done. It helps motivate me to push through and keep going. I also just think that the lyrics are so positive and inspiring. It’s a nice change of pace from most music.

Welp, that is all I’ve got for tonight. I’m a pretty sleepy girl and I have got to work in the morning…




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