Random Wrap Up

Alright, so it is back again…the Random Wrap Up! (a.k.a. my favorite posts to write!)

As you may have noticed, I have been M.I.A. for the past few days previous to my last post…so let me share some of my fav  pics from during that time 🙂

Starting it off with one of my personal favorite activities…grocery shopping!

IMG_4799So, for the past month (I think it’s been that long) the commissary has been out of Greek yogurt. It has been the most sad and frustrating thing ever…but I found these Healthy Choice Frozen Greek Yogurt and decided to try them. They are nowhere near as delicious as Oikos, but they are pretty tasty for a snack.

IMG_4802Continuing on the trend of fro-yo….

IMG_4824And now jumping to an entirely different category of food…sushi! I sure do love me some California rolls 😉

And NO, I do not care if you don’t count them as real sushi.

IMG_4811Now, let me present you my delectable dose of veggies from my healthy pad thai the other night.

IMG_4832And we definitely cannot forget the most important part of my week. GYM TIME 🙂



Told you this post would be a little random. (I know you love it)

Well I’m about to finish chowing down on some guacamole & homemade tortilla chips. Hope you guys are having a good weekend!



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