Pics, Glorious Pics

Welp, I don’t have much time tonight as I worked a day shift today and tomorrow I will be finally having my oral surgery for my gums. I do, however, have a TON of pics to share with you all from the past few days. And in case you gaze upon my glorious, chocolate creations towards the end of this post…this is where you can find the recipe 🙂

(I replaced the white chocolate chips with regular, semi-sweet ones because white chocolate sucks lol)

So, let’s kick it off with a…

Post workout protein shake…duh!

IMG_4729My most favorite combination EVER!! PB & banana 😉

IMG_4737Mira waking up from her puppy nap.

IMG_4744Epic Japanese grocery store that is right down the street!

IMG_4745The coolest chair on the block. It is an elephant! (And yes, I am wearing shorts)

IMG_4749Healthified shrimp fried rice w/ tons o’ veggies.

IMG_4742And here come the superb chocolate goodies ❤



IMG_4762More play time with Mira!

IMG_4768Made some roasted chickpeas for a snack at work today. They turned out wonderfully.

IMG_4765And last, but not least, breakfast for dinner. I was too tired too cook a real meal after work, so it was eggs, turkey bacon and toast (w/ tons of butter for Nick as usual).

IMG_4771I’m highly doubting that there will be a post from me tomorrow considering I will be drugged up and passed out for my gum surgery. But once I have recovered some strength I will return!

I’m off to enjoy my evening, hopefully you all do the same,



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