One Fluffy Puppy

So after I got off work last night I was WAY too tired to make dinner and decided it was time to hit up the Coco’s Curry drive thru.

Unfortunately everyone and their mother had the same idea at the exact same time….so I had to sit in the drive thru for like 30 minutes. I took this pic of me while I waited (lol).

IMG_4671So once I finally got home, Nick and I enjoyed a delicious meal of curry, rice & fried chicken!

IMG_4674We also got to enjoy a pretty frisky puppy all night long…

IMG_4691It was Mira’s first night in the apartment, so she was busy exploring and playing.

Oh, and peeing everywhere in sight. We are trying to train her on a puppy pee pad first because of the whole apartment thing. By the end of the night, she even started making it on the pad which was a miracle!

We also watched Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer. It rocked! Let’s just say I am a huge fan of terrible horror movies 🙂

This morning I got to wake up to this sweet & fluffy pup.

IMG_4706She has clearly chosen the dragon as her favorite toy.


IMG_4702Nick got to come home from his first day back at work extremely early. Woo too! So we went to Gordie’s for lunch and I got the teriyaki burger w/ french fries. (I accidentally forgot to take a pic until I was halfway through my burger)

IMG_4711It was delicious as usual. They always serve the perfect amount of food at Gordie’s; not too many french fries but not too little either.

We attempted to take little Mira for a walk around the block, but it’s pretty obvious that she is not used to walking on a leash. We took turns walking her so she could used to both of us.

IMG_4717Then a crazy cat started stalking us and looked like it was going to attack Mira, so we decided to head back to the apartment. But other than that, the walk was a pretty successful first attempt.

IMG_4720When we got home, I was starving and got straight to work on dinner. I made the chicken cordon bleu casserole from Janetha’s blog (MealsandMoves). I had made it a few months ago for one of my other friends with a few modifications and it was a hit, but this time I decided to follow the recipe exactly.

IMG_4723Perfection! This was definitely one of my favorite meals that I’ve made in a long time (next to the Fiesta Chicken I made last week). I even have leftovers to take to work with me this week…holler 😉

Tonight we are going to be watching movies and hoping the puppy doesn’t get too crazy.

Talk to ya later,



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