Didn’t Make the Cut

So I figured that I would dedicate this post to all of the photos that haven’t made the cut…a.k.a. my sort-of-okay-but-basically-reject-photos.

The main reason for this post stems out of the fact that I did may have dropped my camera and the focus is a little off. I have been using my iPhone for the past week or so to capture my life in pictures. While it is not nearly as professional looking, it still provides me with an avenue to express my healthy lifestyle ๐Ÿ™‚

So let’s take a look at what didn’t make the blog over the past week. *WARNING:ย These are a bunch of random photos…trust me, I know! But hey, I have limited options on post subjects when I work 12 hour shifts in a windowless room where you can’t take any cameras into.*

First up is the dinner that Nick made for me all by himself! Baked chicken, baked sweet potatoes and broccoli! I was highly impressed by his mad skills ๐Ÿ˜‰

IMG_4611For dessert, we had some amazeballs courtesy of the Fitnessista. I then instagrammed them because I’m totally cool like that!

IMG_4616Here is my hoard of Luna bars that my mother sent me in the mail. And YES, they are all mine ๐Ÿ˜‰

IMG_4648This is one of my personal favorites as it completely describes me and Nick. First, view the healthy option (Subway) which is my lunch. Now, look across the table at the lunch of the man who loves to workout and attempts to eat healthy (TACO BELL). Really?

IMG_4511This next pic is from the retirement ceremony that I attended today. One of the awesome guys at my office hit his 22 year mark in the Air Force and decided the civilian life was calling his name. I wish him the best…so here’s to you TSgt Jones!


Well, I hope that you all could bear through this blog of randomness. I hope that the next post will have more substantial meaning behind it (lol). I think that once I get through working the weekend I should have at least a little more time to put up a real post.

I’m off to bed! Hopefully all of you have a good Friday,



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