Starting the Day Off Late…

So I pretty much woke up at noon today…

epic fail.

It turned out alright though, because as soon as I woke up I pretty much hit the ground running. I kicked the day off with some egg white french toast that was smothered in peanut butter. Heck yes!

IMG_4625It got a little burnt, but that just means you have to add a little more peanut butter to cover up the flavor 😉

After digesting for about an hour, Nick and I made it to the gym for a sweet shoulder workout. There was nobody else in the gym which was totally rad! I chowed down on one of the six Luna bars that my mom sent me once I got home. (Thanks Mom!)

IMG_4627I had wanted to go to the Japanese mall to look for this weird, solar powered flower toy thing (?) that sit on the dashboard of your car and dances, but Nick and I got sucked into the pet store.

And guess what? Nick finally found a dog he wants enough to buy. We have been checking out the puppy stores in Okinawa for the past few weeks and today produced a winner.

This is Mira (Mee-ra, not Myra lol).

IMG_4633It’s like love at first sight. (lol)

IMG_4629This was pretty much the highlight of the day. Except for the fact that I got a little spoiled and we went to our favorite restaurant, Four Seasons!

IMG_4638We both got the chicken tonight and it was perfection 🙂

IMG_4642So, even though today had a late start, it turned out marvelous! I have to work for the next three days so I’m hoping they go by quickly. I will attempt to get a post up again within that timeframe if I’m not too busy.

Until then I will be prepping my food for my next 12 hour shift and passing out! So good night,



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