Recipe Round-Up & More!

So I definitely dipped out on posting this weekend…whoops!

Time flew by way to quickly and unfortunately Monday is on the horizon. Let’s just say it’s gonna be a long week. On the bright side, this weekend was filled with plenty of fun and deliciously healthy moments!

We will go back to Friday which consisted of the following epic events:

1. I got a new pedicure!

IMG_45692. This adorable cat showed up and started randomly meowing outside of Nick’s apartment. We pretty much chilled with the cat and fed it some turkey for like an hour.


IMG_45823. I made an incredibly tasty Fiesta Chicken recipe that I found on I Wash, You Dry.

IMG_4585The tortilla chips on the side were made by cutting up a few corn tortillas and placing them in the microwave for 1 minute on one side. You then have to flip the pieces over and microwave them for another minute. I repeated the process until the tortillas became crispy enough to count as chips. The guacamole was pretty much an avocado smashed up with some garlic salt, lime juice & a little tomato.

Saturday proceeded to have an amazingly awesome array of foods!

1. Lunch was an epic sushi set from Kami Sushi (a.k.a. my favorite sushi place in all of Okinawa!) I even attempted to eat the raw sushi and surprisingly enjoyed some of it (the tuna and salmon).

IMG_45882. Nick and I went on a drive to explore the area around his apartment and needed a snack so we stopped by the local Lawson (convenience store) and I picked out an interesting fruit parfait.

IMG_45893. I made a healthy dinner at home to counteract all of the eating out! I whipped up Naan Pizzas for Nick and myself. Mine had a variety of veggies and turkey pepperoni w/ a little cheese, while Nick’s was straight up cheese and turkey pepperoni. I pretty much used this recipe for some guidance as to how to bake the pizzas.

IMG_4591(I used the whole grain Stonefire Naan which worked out perfectly!)

4. We went out and saw some guy at the Airman’s Club perform the Harlem Shake in a horse head mask. Can you spot the guy?? *Hint: Look at the center of the photo and then a little to your left*

IMG_4596Now, we are finally at Sunday’s most exciting events list…so let’s look at the super sweet cuisine from today!

1. For lunch today, Nick and I went to this new Ramen place that everyone has been raving about. Nick chose the soy sauce broth for his Ramen and got the regular fried rice. I chose the chicken broth, which was actually more like a gravy, and the GARLIC fried rice to be the side. I ended up liking Nick’s broth better than mine, so if we ever go back I know which one I like 🙂

IMG_45982. Once again, I cooked dinner at home. Tonight’s meal consisted of baked tilapia fish sticks along with some roasted asparagus. I pulled the fish stick recipe off one of the blogs that I enjoy reading, How Sweet It Is.


IMG_4607So that pretty much covers all of the essential happenings from this weekend! This post definitely ran longer than I thought, so I will wrap it up…

Goodnight everyone & hopefully Monday doesn’t get here too soon,



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