Beach & Barbecue

So today was the beach clean up and barbecue for my office…and it actually wasn’t too bad!

We started off the morning with a 2 hour meeting (kinda boring), but it eventually led to us hitting one of the many seawalls in Okinawa to do some trash pick up. I pretty much volun’told’ Nick that he had to come with me 😉

This was him trying to put on a “happy” face for the event…

IMG_4556(Definitely a goofy pic)

But anyways…after we finished the community service portion of our command post day, we hit up another beach for a barbecue lunch. YUM!!

IMG_4558My plate consisted of the world’s most epic bun, a turkey burger, sweet carolina sauce & some pulled pork.

IMG_4562Plus, we can’t forget about my Tea’s-Hi!!!

IMG_4560And for those of you that have never lived in Japan, it is basically a tea flavored drink that is carbonated and has a significant amount of Vodka infused into it. So it’s pretty much AMAZING.

My brownies also made an appearance along with some cupcakes from another co-worker’s wife.

IMG_4564Somehow I avoided the cupcakes even though they looked amazing… I think it is because I had the gym on my mind. After Nick and I left the barbecue and went back to the apartment for a while, we decided to hit up the gym for a shoulder & cardio day. It was an awesome workout 🙂

My protein shake after the workout was not so awesome.

The blender somehow untwisted and made a huge mess everywhere….epic fail.

IMG_4566I was definitely in a grumpy mood after that happened, but Nick made it up to me by making me some Tuna Helper (my fav!), buying my some Shock Top (heck yes!) and renting me Skyfall (for the win!)!

IMG_4567(It’s a terrible pic, but I just had to snap something quick to prove how sweet he was being)

Tomorrow the plan is to hit the gym early and then go for pedicures! Hooray for Fridays when I already don’t have to go to work 🙂

Buenas Noche,





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