Another Pic Post

I told you there would be plenty more pictures to come!

This batch of photos includes the meals that I’ve prepared in the new, tiny kitchen along with some other random fun times 🙂

First up…the first meal cooked at the new place!

IMG_0732Cheese ravioli w/ zucchini, broccoli and mushrooms!

IMG_0735Workin’ on my fitness with a yogurt, honey, banana & PB shake ❤

IMG_4532Nick snapped a pic of me cooking while I wasn’t paying attention. (So attractive)

IMG_0738Here are the end results of that cooking process.

IMG_4550And here is one of the world’s cutest puppies!!

IMG_4544I have also been kind of bad this week a few times with my healthy eating…but hey I’ve got to stay sane somehow 😉


IMG_4543Today, Nick and I split an oh-SO-good Cinnabon. My heart melted with joy as I scarfed down my half of the cinnamon roll.

IMG_4554And last but not least, the brownies I’m making for my work meeting/barbecue/beach clean up thing. One of the guys in my office is retiring and requested for me to make some brownies. Mission accomplished!

IMG_4555That’s all to report here. I will definitely attempt to snap a few pics while I am out with the work crew. I’m seriously hoping for good weather or else it will totally suck having to clean a beach in the pouring rain…

Well I am about to pass out tonight because it’s already past my bedtime.

So peace & good night,



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