A Look in my Lunchbox

So today I am gonna share a typical day in the life of a shift worker that receives no lunch breaks. This basically means that I have to pack enough food in my lunchbox for 12 hours. I have finally worked it out so that I take enough food to last all day, but not too much that I have to take it home with me at the end of my shift.

I break my 12 hours into 4 segments (this means I eat every 3 hours).

I also have to be concerned with the fact that I can’t cook while I’m at work. All we have is a microwave so I have to get a little creative with my meals so I don’t get too bored with them 😉

Arriving on shift at 6 A.M. I will always eat some type of breakfast. Today it happened to be 1/3 cup oats + 1 banana + 1 Tbsp PB. Some days I will take toast & eggs w/ salsa or something else simple but filling.

IMG_0710At 9 A.M I am usually getting pretty hungry and need a good snack. Most often I will pack some kind of fruit and a vegetarian corn dog for my mid-morning meal, but I was in the mood for something different….so I brought a turkey wrap with some Popchips (Chili Limon) for today.

IMG_0709Lunch time for me at work is always noon. My meals at this time of day vary quite a bit from salad to Coco’s curry to Subway sandwiches to an occasional frozen meal.

Today was a frozen meal kind of day.

IMG_07153 P.M. is my afternoon snack time ALWAYS. I usually try to hit the gym from 2-3 P.M. so I am ready for some chow by the time I get home. I brought some light yogurt (because they were out of my favorite greek yogurt again) and a serving of almonds.

IMG_0712Once I get home (around 6 P.M.) I will throw usually together a quick dinner. Tonight was a cheater pad thai w/ steak & veggies. So amazing!!


IMG_0719So that pretty much reviews a full day of eats for this girl 🙂

Hopefully you all think this is a pretty decent day of meals. Let me know! I’m about to pass out now, so good night everybody!



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