My First Race

The day finally arrive today for my first official race! I’m so excited to share this with all of you and hope you enjoy looking through my photos from today. But before we get into that, I will give you a little background on what race I participated in.

IMG_0665Today was the 21st annual Okinawa Marathon (& 10K). It basically runs all over the island and through multiple cities. Thousands of people come from mainland and all over Okinawa to run this race. It’s meant to promote international friendship as well as physical fitness.

I did the 10K portion today because I am not crazy enough to attempt a full marathon. I felt like the 6.5 miles was definitely enough of a challenge for me, but it surprisingly wasn’t as terrible as I thought it would be. I ran the entire thing and had a finishing time of 1:04:22. (Not too shabby for my first time!) By the end of the race, my knees were starting to hurt because I am not used to running quite that far. I am going to just take it easy for the rest of the day so I can recover properly 😉

IMG_0666I was also really stoked that the weather did not involve rain today! It was a little chilly when the wind blew, but once I started running it felt awesome!

Before the race started, I just kind of wandered around the park to see if anything else exciting was going on…

IMG_0676As you can tell, I made a new friend with this cute Okinawa mascot guy 🙂

I also creeped on what the finish line looked like without the hoards of people running towards it.

IMG_0670The actual marathon runners (a.k.a crazy people!) started 30 minutes before the 10K runners. There were nearly 3000 people completing the full 27 mile race!

IMG_0674Then it was my turn to line up!

IMG_0681I took off and an hour later I made it back to the area near the yellow archway that marked the finish!



IMG_0683I totally came in 799th place…lol. But hey, there were like 1800 runners for the 10K portion of the race!

IMG_0688I even got a sweet certificate and medal.



IMG_0694So that is the story of my first race! It was a great experience and I think I would definitely give racing another shot. Once I get back to America in July I will be signing up for some Color Runs and Tough Mudders for my next challenge. And on that note, I didn’t tell you all yet, but I will be moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico! I’m super excited! I will have to give you guys some more details later but I just wanted to share the news 🙂

Well I’m off to relax and lay around,

Kaily ❤


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