A Valentine’s Day For Me

Hooray for V-Day ❤ ❤ ❤

I definitely treated myself as the most special valentine of the day 😉

I woke up ready and motivated to get in a good workout. I also needed to show myself that I can run a pretty decent distance because my first 10K race is tomorrow. It seriously has snuck up on me. So basically I hit the track and did 4 miles total. (I’m not big on running on the track, but I wanted to measure the exact distance)

IMG_4468Overall it was a pretty decent run for me…except for the fact that I totally got sunburned while doing it. Whoops!

I decided to dress up when I got home since it was Valentine’s Day. Why not, right?

IMG_4474I got the dress at Forever 21 when I went home in January. I’m seriously in love with the color!

Since I was already on the path of beautifying myself, I decided to give myself an at home gel manicure. (I’m totally terrible at painting my own nails btw) It was actually a pretty cool little set and not too hard to do by myself.

IMG_4486As you can probably tell the color was pretty bland (thank you military)…so I was lazy and didn’t take an after photo of my mani. Sorry!

I even made myself some delicious baked, lemon pasta for lunch.

IMG_0657The sauce is pretty much a combination of greek yogurt, garlic, lots of lemon, a little bit of butter, parsley and pepper. It was a good base for a sauce, but I thought it need a little bit more of a kick for me. Next time I think I’m going add some red pepper flakes and a few more herbs…or something. I have to think a little more about it before I share my perfected recipe with you all 😉

I will definitely be sharing all about my first 10K race experience tomorrow. I am hoping for the best!

See you all tomorrow after a great night (hopefully) of sleep,




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